Some of the boats built on Man-O-War                                     (click on an image to enlarge)


Campaigning, circa 19xx

“Abaco Rage” in the Family Island Regatta, 1981

Emerson Albury supervised the construction of “Abaco Rage”, based on a half model of his design.  She was built in Emerson’s yard (next to where Andy’s shop is currently located). Abaco Rage won the Family Island Regatta many times in the 80‘s.

“Abaco Rage” is now owned by the Abaco Rage Sailing Syndicate and located in Hope Town.  Here is an interesting article from the Sept 15, 2011 issue of The Abaconian with some history as well as recent events.

Rough Waters”, 1975

She is currently located at Man-O-War.

Maurice Albury building an Abaco Dinghy on Man-O-War, ca. 19xx

“Man-O-War” and a 25’-ish sloop being built by Edwin’s Boat Yard, ca. 1977

Basil Sands working on a boat at the

William H. Albury Boat Yard, 1960’s

Man-O-War, 1960’s

William H. Albury Boat Yard, late 1940’s

“Lucayo” under construction on the left.  The sailboat on the far right

is probably the “VMR”, owned by Vernon, Marcel, and Richie Albury

The “William H. Albury”, built on Man-O-War in the early 60’s

Uncle Will’s boat yard, where

Edwin’s #2 is now located, 1951

A boat under construction

at W.H.Albury Boat Yard, 1960’s

The schooner docked in the background was owned by the Johnston family who built the Bronze Art Foundry in Little Harbour.

A couple boats being built on Man-O-War, 19xx

William H. Albury Boat Yard, 1960’s

Willard Albury of Albury Brothers Boats


“Frigata”, a wooden ketch built by

the William H. Aubury Boat Yard, 1960’s

Emerson Albury

Wilson Sands (background), Uncle Will,

Basil Sands, Kenneth Thompson

Kenneth Thompson and Wilson Sands

“Man-O-War”(?) Launching Day

A festive time

Abaco Dinghies

Still being built by Joe Albury

Photo taken 2010

Rough Waters” Launching Day

A dinghy under construction. 1970‘s

Maurice Albury with one of his

many Abaco Dinghies, circa 1965

Willard Albury working on an Abaco Dinghy,

1970’s or early 80’s

Some of the boat builders - the bigger boats

Some of the boat builders - the Abaco Dinghy

An Abaco Dinghy in Man-O-War Harbour

1960’s or 70’s

Continuing the tradition

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Another dinghy under construction. 1970‘s

Launch of “Malolo

Edwin’s Boat Yard, 1965

“Barbara W”, sistership to “Malolo

Edwin’s Boat Yard, circa 1965

Edwin Albury aboard “Malolo”

circa 1965

William H. Albury

“Uncle Will”

Malolo”, built by Edwin’s Boat Yard in 1964-65.  She has been owned by Howard and Donna Ray since 2004 and is based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  Their website.

“Frigate Bird”


Built by Edwin Albury, 1956

Photo by Ruth Rodriguez from her book,

They started young.  Little Wayne Sands learns to handle wood in the boatyard after school and on Saturdays.  1940’s or 50’s

“Flying Circus”, formerly “Jaunty Jess”, originally christened “Romarie”.  Built by Uncle Will in 1956, commissioned by Rom and Marie Watson.  She has been owned by Lon Munsey since 1975.  She is lovingly cared for by Rosie and Lon and currently located in the Caribbean.


Built on MOW circa 1948


Wm D. Lee owner, William H. Albury builder 1948, Wm Hand designer of record, Gossoon, circa 1930s adapted design Bill Lee '47-8


was built by WH Albury Boat Yard in 1947.  She is currently being lovingly restored by David Wright on Man-O-War Cay.  See his website for photos from his project.

“Tamar II”

Christened “Chalenge B”, built by WH Albury Boat Yard in 1958.  She was designed by Emerson Albury.  She is currently owned by Bill County and kept in Hope Town, Abacos, Bahamas.

“Teepee” / ”Double Eagle”

110’ LOA (85’ Deck), 33’ Beam, 15’ Draft,

75’ Main mast.  Picture taken in the 60’s.


Built on Dickie’s Cay by Delbert Albury.

Lanard Thompson (standing) and Charles Sands.  “Frigata” is anchored in the harbour.

Here is an article on Teepee.