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Recent updates

  27 Apr 2013 - Added a couple samples from Dot & Pete Lund’s CD, “Man O War Cay - Its People and Its Past”

    9 Apr 2013 - Added photos of Teepee (midway down the page).  Thanks Nevile.

    8 Apr 2013 - Added photos of Tribute and Tamar II with a link to Tribute’s website.  Thanks David and Bill.

   March 2013 - I need to move them to this website yet, but

                              >  MOW Boat Yards from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Thanks Roland.

                              >  Sojer Day 2013 Boats on Display.  Thanks to those who participated.

Editor:  Mike  ( my Man-O-War photos )

This site is not associated with MOW Museum which
came into existance well after this website was created
and seems to have a different set of values.



This website will try to preserve and share MOW heritage in as open and accessible a way as possible. 


  1. -To try to convey the underlying rich texture of say, the boat building heritage.

  2. -Imagine someone who grew up on MOW who has moved away or possibly is in college and wants to show their new friends where they come from.  They can come to this site and show off their roots.

  3. -This site will try to conserve and restore the donated images.  And return high resolution versions to that donor as some appreciation for their contribution.