Man-O-War Heritage - Then and Now

Then and Now

[ Need some history about the celebrations here... 

      Any background on the celebrations from the 40‘s/50‘s and 60’s?

      Background on the celebration in it’s current form? ]

40’s / 50’s

These photos are from Ruth Rodreguez’s book, probably taken in the 40’s or 50’s.  The caption reads,





You should be able to find her wonderful book at Joe’s Studio, Man-O-War Grocery and from Mr. Harcourt Thompson - all on Man-O-War Cay.


Here are some from a celebration from the 60’s:


These are from the 2011 Independence Day Celebration.   The events start off in the morning with the childrens races and softball throwing contests at the ball field.  Then there are tug-a-war contests, first the



vs. the





Then the young

men vs. the

older (mature)


Then the festivities move down to the harbour, where the food tent and barbecue grills had been set up earlier.  There are swimming and diving events for the young ones.  And nail pounding, board sawing,

conch breaking

(the record is

11 seconds set

in a previous year),

and lastly the slippery pole contest.

At 6:00, the awards are presented at the ball field. 

        Dinners are served at the food stand. 

                  At 9:00, there is a nice fireworks display.


    Thanks to Oceania for suggesting this page

    40’s tug-a-war photo is from Ruth Rodriguez book

    60’s photos are from Carl Brorein

    2011 tug-a-war and fireworks photos are from

        John Botu.  Thanks John.

Maturity and wisdom


Maturity and wisdom


The Queen’s Birthday, a national holiday.  It meant games and

picnic lunch.  In the harbour, a sailing race.  Here on the road,

a tug-a-war.  The girls and ladies are doing well.