Man-O-War Heritage - Photos from early 70’s

Some more old photos of Man-O-War

These were provided by Russell Kaplan - likely taken in the early 1970‘s. 

The “Gabby Bench”

early 1970’s

This building was originally the post office and library.  The first telegram and overseas phone call was made from Man-O-War in 1952.  The phone was located inside this building along with the operator who would place the call for you.  The connection was by radio (VHF and later HF) through operators in Hopetown and Marsh Harbour.  Some years later, a second line was installed along with the phone booth.  Later a 20-line switchboard was installed with 18 lines run to the various businesses.  By 1987 they started to install lines to the homes and the automatic switch was installed in the new Batelco office nearby.

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Wiliam H. Albury Boat Yard

early 1970’s

Public phone, early 70’s.